Demo Corner

A corner for innovations: business prototypes and research projects demos for those who wish to further look into applications for the future. Trento Rise research areas, together with EIT ICT Labs’ partners, will give demonstrations of research projects in the ICT field, with topics such as Big Data, Intelligent Home, Smart Cities, Health Care. Researchers will be available to get you involved and to answer any question. 

16:00 - 18:00, April 18 
10:00 - 18:00, April 19
10:00 - 16:30, April 20
Hall, Trento RISE

Demos presented by:

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna | Centro Ricerche FIAT | CNR – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche | CREATENET | Engineering | FBK-Fondazione Bruno Kessler | Politecnico di Milano | Politecnico di Torino | Practix | Sayservice | Telecom Italia - SKIL | Scuola Superiore S. Anna | RSens S.r.l | Trento RISE | Università degli Studi di Trento

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