Placement: companies subscription

Placement, a dedicated time and space where companies and university students can meet and get to know each other, and recruitment can take place. By filling out the registration form below, before March 12, 2012, each company will have the opportunity to participate in the Placement section.

Participation is free.

Each company will have a dedicated space - in an outdoor modular structure - for one day of their choosing, between April 19 and 20, where interviews with students will take place between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

We also offer a sponsorship program to give greater visibility to your company brand - ICT Days Sponsorship - with the following levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Participation in the ICT Days Sponsorship is possible if you register for the Placement section. You may purchase a sponsorship package at any time after the registration, up until March 12, 2012.

Companies registration has been concluded.